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Personal Injury Claims & Trials - Resolving Your Lawsuit

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One of the most common questions our legal team receives from injured victims and families involves the trial process. Specifically, victims looking to file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for their damages want to know if their case will go to trial. The answer to this question – as with most matters in the legal field – is that it depends.

It is important to remember that personal injury claims can be favorably resolved in two ways; out-of-court settlement negotiations or trial verdicts. Although cases are always unique and can differ drastically, most personal injury or wrongful death cases are resolved before the trial phase. Still, trials do happen – and should the need for trial arise, you will want a seasoned litigator on your side of the courtroom.

Having successfully recovered compensation for clients through both settlements and trial verdicts, Attorney Caroline Nasseri is prepared to help you understand whether your case may go to trial by considering the following:

  • What are your available options? – Accidents, injuries, and victims are always unique. The particular facts and circumstances of your case, then, will play a role in how we determine your available options for pursuing compensation.
  • How will the "other side" react? – Personal injury claims are filed against the party responsible for your accident and / or damages, or more accurately their insurance provider. Insurance companies are corporations that are in business to collect premiums, not pay victims. They may refuse to compensate you fairly. If an insurance company disputes your claim or offers you a settlement that is less than you deserve, taking your case to trial may become a favorable option.
  • What is best for you? ­– As always, our legal team works closely with our clients to better understand their personal situation and unique needs. We don't make decisions for our clients, and instead offer personalized advice to help them make the best possible decision given the facts of their case. Attorney Nasseri always considers the best interests of our firm's clients, and uses her decades of experience to create a strategy that will best benefit them.

Because personal injury claims are so unique, we strongly encourage local residents who have questions about their case to meet personally with our San Jose personal injury lawyer for a FREE case evaluation.

To learn more about your case and how we can help, call (408) 912-2217.