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I Was Attacked By a Dog - Who is Responsible?

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Have you been seriously injured in a dog attack? If so, you probably want to know who will be held responsible for your injuries and all of your accident-related expenses. Our state has very clear laws relating to dog bites and animal attacks. When an individual is bitten by another person's dog, strict liability applies. This means the dog owner is legally liable and financially responsible for any injuries his or her dog inflicts on another individual.

It does not matter whether the dog has a history of violence, has attacked people in the past or has never shown any aggressive tendencies. This is true regardless of who is "at fault" for the attack. As long as you were legally on the owner's property or you were in a public place at the time of the attack, the dog's owner is responsible for your injuries. Injuries from a dog attack can range from minor puncture wounds and lacerations to serious fractures, broken bones and internal injuries.

Disfigurement and other catastrophic injuries may require multiple surgeries, amputation or cosmetic surgery to repair the damage. It is not uncommon for dog bite victims to also experience emotional injuries and sociological setbacks. If you have been attacked by a dog anywhere in the San Jose area, a personal injury attorney from The Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri stands ready to help you obtain the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Our lawyer is fully prepared to fight for your rights and assist you in seeking financial compensation from the individual responsible for causing you so much pain and suffering. At our firm, your initial case evaluation is free and clients are not required to pay anything unless we win their case. Having recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients over the years, you can rest assured that we are more than qualified to provide you with the aggressive representation your case deserves.

Call our law offices today so that we can review your case and advise you on the steps you need to take.