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Ski Accidents: Can I Sue the Ski Resort?

Ski Safety

Injured in a ski accident? You might wonder if you can pursue financial compensation for medical expenses and other damages. The answer to this question is maybe. If you can demonstrate that the ski resort is liable for your accident, you may have a valid claim. Below, you will find three factors that can determine whether or not you have a viable personal injury claim after a ski accident.

  1. Your Actions – Like any personal injury lawsuit, a ski accident claim depends on liability. If your actions were solely responsible for the incident, you don't have the elements of a successful lawsuit.
  2. Liability Waiver – Did you sign a liability waiver? Sometimes, these waivers remove your right to sue the ski resort. In some cases, resorts will only offer season passes to skiers who sign liability waivers.
  3. Premises Liability – The ski resort is obligated (within reason) to protect visitors from foreseeable accidents. If the resort did not maintain equipment, slopes, lifts, etc., it may be held liable for ensuing accidents and injuries.

Every accident is different. Depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your accident, you may be able to seek financial compensation from a negligent ski resort. Click here to learn more about personal injury law and to find the answers to more common questions.

Ski Resort Safety: How to Avoid Accidents

Skiing is a popular sport, but like any outdoor activity, it comes with inherent risks. To avoid accidents and injuries, skiers should establish safety protocols and stick to them. For example, it is better to ski with a friend than to ski alone. Find a ski buddy and stay together. If an accident happens, your partner can seek help.

Only use ski equipment for its intended uses. Be serious; don't swing your poles without reason or goof around on the ski lift. If you misuse ski equipment or fail to employ safe skiing habits, you will assume the risk of getting hurt. In other words, any accident will be your fault.

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