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At the Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri, Our personal injury attorneys in San Jose provide experienced representation to injured victims and families looking to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. By fighting to protect the rights of our clients, our San Jose injury attorneys aim to secure the monetary compensation they rightfully deserve. 

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Our Notable Case Results

We Intend on Helping Victims Obtain the Maximum Compensation Possible
Because of our commitment to our clients, our injury lawyers in San Jose have achieved excellent results for many past individuals who have come to us with their own unique personal injury cases.
  • $6 Million Auto vs. Pedestrian
  • $4 Million Injured Pedestrian
  • $2 Million Big Rig Accident
  • $1 Million Neck injury
  • $1 Million Spinal Injury
  • $1 Million Auto vs. Auto With Traumatic Brain Injury
  • $1 Million Auto Vs. Bicycle With Back Injury
  • $800 Thousand Defective Roadway Design
  • $800 Thousand Auto vs. Auto With Neck Surgery
  • $750 Thousand Auto Accident Involving Pedestrian
  • $550 Thousand Auto vs. Driver of City Vehicle (Oakland)
  • $340 Thousand Auto Accident Disputed Liability & Injuries
  • $250 Thousand Auto Accident
  • $250 Thousand Auto Accident Resulting in Reconstructive Surgery
  • $150 Thousand Minor & Major Fractures

Put Over 30 Years of Experience to Work for You!

The Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri is a San Jose personal injury law firm that truly makes clients our top priority. Our injury attorney in San Jose strives to deliver the support, the legal guidance, and the aggressive representation victims and families need to put their lives back together.

Our many successful case results and many positive testimonials speak volumes about our passion. To learn more about your case and what our firm can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to our personal injury attorneys in San Jose.

How Long Do I Have to File My Injury Claim?

Under California state law, except for government claims which require a shorter period of time (in most cases 6 months), the statute of limitations for injury claims allows two years for an individual to file a claim for injuries or death caused by another's negligent or wrongful actions.

While having additional time to file a claim can be beneficial, waiting to file an injury claim is not advised.

Get the Personal
Attention You Deserve

Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers

Our law firm is committed to building up each client's case in a personal manner that reflects their unique situation. No two cases are ever alike, which is why we will approach each circumstance in a new light.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Jose can review your case in a hands-on manner, examining each particular element that comprises the case. We will take the time to answer each question and provide you with the legal guidance you deserve.

Because of our commitment to our clients, we have achieved excellent results for many past individuals who have come to us with their own unique personal injury cases.

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

No two accidents will ever be the same and details are guaranteed to be unique each time. This can create a complicated situation on the surface when you are trying to figure out if you can earn compensation for your injuries and damages.

Luckily, there are always common denominators in all accident cases, and following a basic guideline of steps should be applicable to any incident.

  1. Collect Information: For every accident, there is evidence of the mishap. The sooner you can get information, the better. If you are able to do so safely, get identification from all parties involved, take pictures of the scene, and talk to witnesses.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Do not hesitate to see a medical professional after your accident. Some injuries are subtle at first but quickly degrade into a serious debilitation, if they are not diagnosed and treated. If you are worried about the cost of treatment, remember that your lawsuit should compensate you for that much, and then some.
  3. Take Action: Not sure if you need a lawsuit or a personal injury claim to settle this dispute? When in doubt, take action. You will only have a set amount of time due to statutes of limitations to pursue compensation in any form. Once it expires, you have virtually no chance of seeing a recovery. The first part of taking action is retaining a personal injury lawyer.
  4. Study Insurance Policies: Does the person who hurt you have any insurance policies or the personal financial means to pay for your recovery? If the liable party was never identified – such as in a hit-and-run accident – will your own insurance carrier cover your damages? Knowing more about the insurance policies of people involved can help you and your attorney determine where your claim should be pointed.
  5. File a Claim: Lastly, you must actually file the claim, using insurance policy numbers, description of your injuries, and more. Once it is filed, you are not guaranteed to go to court and through litigation to resolve the matter. The other party or their insurance company may wish to settle things out of court through negotiations. Either way, your personal injury lawyer should be able to represent you.
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