Negligent Security Cases

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Premises liability is the area of law that holds premises and business owners responsible for the injuries victims suffer on their property – if, and only if, it can be shown that a premises owner failed to uphold their legal duty to keep visitors and guests free from preventable harm.

While many people associate premises liability with slip and fall accidents and dog bites that occur on another’s property, this legal area also covers injuries that occur as the result of third party altercations, including:

  • Assaults
  • Battery
  • Robberies
  • Sexual Assaults

Injuries that occur as the result of third party altercations may not always be the fault of premises owners, but there are many scenarios in which a premises owner’s failure to take reasonable measures to keep guests safe can result in these incidents – particularly when they have negligent and insufficient security.

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When Can I File a Negligent Security Claim?

When premises and business owners fail to employ sufficient or proper security, visitors and guests can be placed at risk for third party attacks and injuries.

Common examples of the types of places where these events take place include:

  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment complexes and multi-unit housing
  • Amusement parks
  • Sport stadiums and concert facilities
  • Parking lots

These types of places often have higher occurrences of third party altercations. In any case, the essential legal elements consist of proving that a premises owner failed to uphold their duty to keep guests free from preventable harm. Places like nightclubs and bars, by the nature of their business, have higher risks for altercations and should therefore have security to keep patrons safe. Other facilities in areas that have high crime rates or a history of assault and battery should also take precautions to keep visitors and guests safe.

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In any event, negligent security and premises liability have become a topic of debate in the legal realm. Although this may be the case, a talented and experienced San Jose personal injury attorney from our firm can work to present clear and convincing evidence that a premises owner knew, or should have known, that their visitors or guests faced an elevated risk on their property. By proving this and by illustrating the fact that they did nothing to address the potential hazards, our firm can fight to hold a premises owner liable for the damages a victim suffers.

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