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One of the most severe injuries that an individual can face is brain damage. Something that could seem like a minor incident could actually be a catastrophic accident if it directly affects the brain. If you have or someone you care about has suffered a brain injury from any type of preventable accident caused by the negligence of another individual, it is important to obtain legal representation.

At The Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri, we are dedicated to our clients’ wellbeing and treat them as if they were close friends and family. We understand that you do not need additional stress in your life after suffering a brain injury. By taking care of your legal needs from start to finish, we believe we are able to provide you with real comfort and reliable services.

People have come to trust our San Jose personal injury attorney because:

  • She has 25+ years of legal experience
  • She is backed by client testimonials
  • She has a history of successful case results

Health Effects of a Catastrophic Brain Injury

Those who suffer head trauma do not have the same advantages of those who suffer injuries that can be healed through traditional medical treatment. Some patients can recover, but many will face negative, lifelong consequences due to their injury.

The harm can come in the form of mental and physical limitations, such as:

  • Worsened senses (blindness, deafness, etc.)
  • Loss of motor control
  • Amnesia
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to communicate

Recovering Compensation for Brain Injuries

At the Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri, our primary goal is to help you recover from your injuries after an accident. Without the finances to obtain medical treatment, you risk the opportunity to obtain the results you deserve. For that reason, we show dedication to our clients by aggressively pursuing the compensation they deserve. Our San Jose personal injury attorney can help you pursue fair compensation for the brain injuries you are suffering.

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