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FMCSA Driver Legal Drug Use Form to Be Created by Public

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In an interesting decision, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has decided to ask the general public for help in creating a new voluntary driver medication form. The form would be used to assist medical practitioners and physicians figure out which prescription drugs truly do negatively impact a driver's ability to control their vehicle responsibly. The end goal is to determine what absolutely should not be permitted for a commercial trucker to take before getting behind the wheel for a shift. Currently, there is evidence to suggest that even over-the-counter opiates and painkillers can severely hinder a truck driver's reaction time and motor skills, leading to truck accidents.

The planned questionnaire will most likely request information regarding:

  • Particular drug in question
  • Dosage amount
  • Intended purpose of drug
  • Notable side effects of drug use
  • Frequency of drug use
  • Other drugs used simultaneously

Can Public Opinion Be Trusted?

The plan proposed by the FMCSA is being heralded as ingenious by many, who see the initiative as a clever and cost-effective way to gather a slew of drug and substance data. Rather than conducting lab studies one by one, a general idea can be collected from hundreds if not thousands of public volunteers. Topics or mentions that are seen most frequently would then likely be passed along for official review.

But the other side of the argument asks if the public's statements on the matter can actually prove to be useful. Even if all participants are entirely honest, there could be critical errors in their reports based on a lack of scientific insight.

Still, proponents of the plan are hopeful, as it would be strange for anyone to intentionally provide misinformation regarding something that concerns the safety of all. Additionally, certified medical examiners and the FMCSA would have the final say in regards to what is and isn't barred from truck driver use.

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