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How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

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When victims suffer injuries during an accident – regardless of the type of injury and no matter the nature of the accident – they often have numerous concerns and questions. Among these concerns come the understandable issues of their finances.

It is well known that injuries and accidents can be extremely costly – with expensive medical bills and lost wages resulting from an inability to work – and in nearly all cases, victims and their families simply do not understand how they may be entitled to monetary compensation and how much compensation they may be eligible to receive.

Having worked with so many local clients throughout the years, our San Jose personal injury lawyer and entire legal team make it a point to immediately address these types of issues, answer our clients' questions, and alleviate their concerns.

In every case we handle, we know that these objectives can only be achieved through close client-attorney relationships and personalized attention. Nothing illustrates this point better than one of the most common questions we receive from victims and families: How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The answer, in the simplest of terms possible, is that it depends. Why? Well, there are many reasons behind this, including:

  • Every accident and injury is unique
  • The medical needs of victims will vary
  • Lost work wages and future earnings – which result when victims are unable to work – will differ
  • Emotional damages, pain and suffering, and the negative repercussions experienced by a victim's family can vary
  • Depending on the nature of a claim, such as a medical malpractice claim, compensation may be capped or limited
  • Insurance companies and at-fault parties will fight to pay victims as little as possible

These reasons – among others – serve to highlight the fact that personal injury claims are always unique. As such, it is nearly impossible to determine the value of your claim without thoroughly and personally reviewing all aspects of your case. Knowing this, Attorney Caroline Nasseri makes it her top priority to work closely with our clients and personally evaluate the circumstances surrounding their cases. With this information, she can help clients understand the potential strength and possible value of their claims.

Regardless of what a personal injury claim can potentially be worth, working with an experienced, passionate San Jose accident attorney is crucial to securing the compensation you need and deserve. Having spent 25 years of her career fighting for injured victims, Attorney Nasseri has the experience and the resources to fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Learn more about the potential merits of your claim during a free case evaluation by calling a San Jose personal injury attorney from our firm at (408) 912-2217.