Pedestrian Accident Attorney in San Jose

Protecting the Rights of Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrians face a variety of dangers when navigating walkways and roadways. Given the fact that they have virtually no protection and because they are vulnerable, pedestrians often experience devastating damages.

Examples of the types of pedestrian accidents that commonly occur include:

  • Accidents at crosswalks and intersections
  • Accidents in parking lots
  • Roadway departures (vehicles driving onto walkways)
  • Construction accidents that injure nearby pedestrians
  • Defective walkway conditions that cause slip and fall accidents
  • An intoxicated driver running red rights
  • Driver texting while driving
  • Drivers failing to yield to pedestrians

Whatever the accident may involve, San Jose personal injury lawyer Caroline Nasseri works toward proving that the incident was preventable and caused by another’s negligence. Drivers, for example, have a duty to ensure that they keep others on roadways free from preventable harm. When they drive in a distracted manner or run red lights and strike a pedestrian, they fail to uphold this duty and can therefore be held responsible for causing damages.

Compensation for Pedestrian Injuries

As statistics reveal, traffic accidents involving pedestrians have the highest rates of injuries, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death. Victims and families who are forced to endure such difficulties often shoulder tremendous burdens.

By focusing on proving the fault and liability of another driver or some entity or company, Attorney Nasseri can work toward securing full and fair compensation that covers:

  • The costs of medical treatment and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and future income
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Emotional injuries

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

While we have no control over the actions of other drivers, we can still take extra precautions to avoid or minimize the chances of a pedestrian accident.

Follow these pedestrian safety tips

  • Always use marked crosswalks
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • Watch out for vehicles that are turning
  • Make eye contact with the driver so they know you are crossing
  • Obey walk/don’t walk signs – don’t rush to beat the lights
  • Be alert and avoid playing with your phone while walking
  • When walking at night, wear reflective clothing so you are visible

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