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Have you or a loved one been the victim of a dangerous accident that caused catastrophic injuries? It is important to obtain accurate and substantial information pertaining to your case. By talking to our San Jose personal injury lawyer, you can develop an understanding of the process that must be taken to secure just compensation. At the Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri, we can explain the process and what options you have available. More than anything, we sincerely want to uphold your rights and win you a fair settlement.

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Negligence Leads to Catastrophic Accidents

There are many types of accidents that can be considered “catastrophic.” They include incidents that threaten a victim’s life and cause severe or life-altering injuries. Some catastrophic accidents permanently change the life of the victim through emotional trauma and haunting memories of the event.

Common forms of catastrophic accidents include:

The most important aspect of your catastrophic injury lawsuit could be proving that another party’s negligence or recklessness was the direct cause of your suffering. In order to collect the appropriate evidence and use it against those who harmed you, you will need a San Jose injury attorney from our firm in your corner.

What is considered a catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries negatively impact their victims for the rest of their lives. You might not only be suffering from pain but you could be losing all of your finances as you pay for extensive recoveries and treatments.

If an accident that was caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of another person caused you to suffer in any of the following ways, you could stand to win financial compensation:

Why file a catastrophic injury claim?

The primary purpose of filing a personal injury claim after a catastrophic accident is to retain financial compensation that will provide for you and your family as you recover. The primary goal of our firm’s San Jose personal injury attorney is on ensuring that our clients retain the proper medical treatment necessary for their injuries without losing their livelihood.

If you are struggling due to severe injuries from a catastrophic accident, we want you to be as comfortable as possible along your road to recovery. Not only do we offer free initial consultations but we also work for contingency fees – you do not owe us a penny until we win you a beneficial settlement!

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