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Can I File a Claim if I Was the Passenger in an Accident?

When you hear a person talking about filing a claim after a car accident, it is generally in reference to a claim being filed by the vehicle's policyholder. Drivers and policyholders are not the only ones able to file claims and seek compensation after an accident. Passengers in an accident also have the right to file a claim if they have sustained any injuries, regardless of whether those injuries were caused by the driver of the vehicle they were in or the driver of another vehicle, or a third party who holds liability, such as an auto manufacturer or auto parts manufacturer.

If you are related to the driver of the vehicle you were in, your injuries may be covered under his or her car insurance policy. In cases where there is no relation, you may be able to file a claim against your driver's car insurance policy or the insurance policy of the other driver, provided that he or she can be proven liable for your injuries. These types of claims are known as third party claims. There are also instances when an individual may find it necessary to file a claim against multiple policies, if the coverage from one policy is not sufficient to cover his or her injuries and accident-related expenses.

Filing a claim against another person's insurance policy can be much more complicated than filing a claim with your own provider, particularly when you were a passenger in the vehicle and not the driver. To maximize your claim and the chances of you being able to recover fair compensation for your injuries, you are going to want a skilled lawyer fighting on your behalf. A San Jose personal injury attorney from our firm can review your case, answer any questions you have, help you determine where to file your claim and assist you throughout the claim process.

Our lead lawyer has been rated by Avvo and secured a BV Distinguished® Rating on Martindale-Hubbell®. We understand the impact an accident can have on a person's life and are well-aware that claim complications will only add stress to an already difficult situation. Our firm can help alleviate some of that stress so that you can concentrate on your recovery. To find out more about how we can help you with your injury claim, contact The Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri right away. Your initial consultation is free.