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Kolcraft Agrees to Settlement for Defective Play Yards

Kolcraft asked failure analysis experts to come to the company headquarters in April of 2005 and inspect their pack n' plays and play yards for any defects. When the experts completed an inspection, the discovered that there was a potential for false latching that would cause the yards to collapse. In 2005, the Kolcraft company made improvements to the warning labels, instruction sheets, and the latch to eliminate the danger of this in other play yards.

Within nine years after this incident, Kolcraft received 350 reports of the play yard collapsing. 21 children were injured because of the play yards, and one child even suffered a concussion. Kolcraft never reported any of the information about the play yards to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, even though that is required. Because the company failed to report the situation immediately to the CPSC, more consumers were put at risk. This is because the CPSC will issue public warnings regarding defective products. The CPSC has asked for a settlement because the Kolcraft Travelin' Tot play yards were defective but this issue was never tackled.

The play yards were sold to Carter's Sesame Street, Jeep, Care Bear, Eric Carle, and Contours. Specifically, the side rails on the play yards can fail to latch properly and can unlatch when a child pushes against them. This can pose a falling hazard to children. The recall was finally posted for the play yards in July of 2009, but not until many babies had been put at risk. One million of the products were recalled.

If your child has been injured by a defective baby product, then you have the right to seek compensation form the company at fault for failing to report the recall or manufacture a safe product. This is especially true with baby products. Contact a San Jose personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri today if you want more information.