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Defective Vehicle Parts and Product Liability Claims

While the negligent behavior of motorists may be one of the leading causes of car accidents, there are many other hazards on the road. Defective vehicles can present a real danger and lead to numerous crashes and fatalities each year.

Defective part claims fall under the legal umbrella of product liability. In these cases, a claim can be brought about by a defect in a parts design or manufacture as well as by a company’s failure to warn consumers about potential dangers. For example, the auto parts supplier “Takata” was recently in the news after its airbags were recalled due to a defective part which caused explosions, sending shrapnel throughout a vehicle’s cabin.

Who Can Be Held Responsible?

An important part of any product liability case is identifying all responsible parties. In a defective vehicle claim, unlike with many cases stemming only from the negligence of one other driver, liability can fall on the shoulders of multiple businesses or parties. Anyone who led to the existence of a defect or knew of a potential danger and failed to take action may face legal repercussions for resulting accidents. Every case will be unique and an attorney may be needed to help victims identify potentially liable parties.

In accidents involving defective motor vehicles, a victim may seek compensation from parties including:

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Shipping and transportation companies
  • New or used vehicle dealerships

Another important note is that a victim may seek restitution even if the defective vehicle did not belong to them. For example, if another driver lost control of their car after an airbag unexpectedly deployed, each victim may be able to file a product liability claim or suit.

Injured Due to a Defective Product?

At the Law Offices of Caroline J. Nasseri, we uphold the rights of victims injured by defective vehicles and if you have been in an accident, our San Jose personal injury attorney can help. We know how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies while trying to heal; however, you do not have to go through this process alone. Let us deal with the legal paperwork so you can focus on your health.

Our legal team is backed by more than 25 years of experience and can fight tirelessly to get you the money you deserve. Call (408) 912-2217 today!

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